The International Association For Textile Care Labelling

The symbols are protected by trademarks. Their use is dependent on a contract with GINETEX.

Blauer Stoff
Blauer Stoff


  • be an independent National Committee for Textile Care Labelling
  • have a valid legal structure according to the law of the respective country
  • be represented by all branches of the textile chain
  • have authority and capacity to enforce GINETEX decisions
  • recognise GINETEX‘s ownership of the trademarks
  • pay an annual fee

Your advantages

  • property rights of the trademarks for your territory
  • full voting rights
  • involvement in decision making in the Governing Body as well
    as in the General Assembly
  • membership of the Technical Committee
  • involvement in work on the care labelling system 
  • access to technical and legal information
  • networking opportunities