The International Association For Textile Care Labelling

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General care instructions

  • Do not allow laundry to become too dirty. Preferably, wash it at more frequent intervals.
  • Keep dirty laundry in a well aired and dry place and do not leave lying around for too long.
  • Pretreat stains or heavily soiled pieces suitably, check colourfastness in advance.
  • Before washing, presort laundry according to the degree of soiling, type of treatment (washing temperature), colour and, if no care label is provided, according to the indicated raw material. Note any instructions on exposure to reduced mechanical strain (careful washing cycle).
  • In the case of coloured items, a separation into articles with bright and dark colours is appropriate. A separate first wash of new coloured textiles may be appropriate.
  • Fabrics made of synthetic fibers or mixed fabrics should not be washed together with linen (risk of pilling).
  • When washing textiles marked as “easy-care” articles, use a mild washing cycle. Reduce the quantity of laundry and spin carefully (risk of creasing).
  • Woollen articles should only be machine-washed if they are appropriately labelled, i.e. if hand washing is not stipulated or domestic washing prohibited.
  • Always add detergents according to the dosing instructions, taking due account of the degree of soiling, water hardness and load. Make sure to choose the right detergent. In the case of coloured textiles, do not use a universal detergent which contains oxygen for bleaching purposes, unless the bleaching symbol allows its use. Otherwise, a risk of colour change cannot be ruled out. The use of special detergents is recommended.
  • Insufficient detergent use will give poor washing results. Deposits may be formed on the laundry (grey coloration) and in the machine. This will reduce the life cycle of the textiles and also that of the washing machine.
  • Do not use the “prewash” program unless the laundry is very dirty. Comply with the machine manufacturer’s recommendations. If wet laundry is to be washed, only half-fill the drum.